Your Project

If God is telling you to wait on part or all of your goal, figure out what you can do right now, to get started.

From the time I wanted to write THE ME PROJECT (formerly called, YOU GOAL GIRL!) from the time it was released, it was 10 years.


I had to take a lot of teeny, tiny steps along the way. While I was in a bad marriage. While I was a single mom and working full time. While I was working on my speaking career – and while we had four teens – at the same time.

Here were some of the tiny writing steps I took,even when life was very inconvient…

  • I spent some of my lunch breaks with my writing journal, jotting down ideas for future projects
  • While waiting at the doctors or dentist office, I read writers magazines instead of People Magazine
  • I listened to CDs about the writing process instead of the top 40 station while driving to and from work
  • While my kids swam at the community pool, I outlined articles and researched magazines I would like to write for someday


When my kids were asleep, – that was when I wrote. It may have only been two sentences, or an idea for something that I wanted to do – someday, but I wrote. I knew that I may not finish an actual article, but I also knew it was important to lay the groundwork for the career I was dreaming of.

Was it selfish to yearn for writing time when I had so many other things going on in my life?  Many people may think so – I saw it as honoring the dreams that God laid on my heart.

Here are twenty things that you could do, right now, that don’t take more than 20 minutes and will get you closer to your goal:

  1. Read an online article pertaining to your goal
  2. Research how much an online class would be
  3. Search for a podcast of a lecture about your goal
  4. Check your community college’s catalog for a class pertaining to your goal (even if you can’t take the class for three years, you can at least know what is available.)
  5. The next time you take your kids to the library, spend some time looking at what books you can find on your subject.
  6. See if there are any online demonstrations you can watch.
  7. Find a blog that is devoted to your goal.
  8. Start a binder where you can keep all the info on your goal.
  9. Sell something on E-bay to help pay for supplies

10.  Set up a folder on your computer dedicated to your goal.

11.  Clean a shelf in your garage or basement to dedicate to the “stuff” for your goal.

12.  Start a wish list of books and materials you need to accomplish your goal. The next time your kids/parents/husband/friend asks you what you want for your birthday/Christmas/anniversary, you will actually be able to say something besides a gift card.

13.  Schedule 10 minutes a day on your calendar for working on your goal

14.  Create a line item in your budget for your goal (discuss with your husband if you have one!)

15.  Find a conference that would be worth attending and get on their mailing list for upcoming workshops and events.

16.  Talk about your goal with a friend that you love. Ask them to pray for you about it.

17.  Learn some of the basic terminology or your passion.

18.  Send someone in your field of interest a thank you note for inspiring you.

19.  Start a blog about your passion (yes, that can really take less than 20 minutes…)

20.  Find a local group that is dedicated to you goal.

So my question for you is this – what could you do, in the next three days, for 20 minutes, to get closer to your goal.

Write it down here, and if you are randomly choosen from the comments, you will recieve a copy of THE ME PROJECT.

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