Hey girls –

It has been a crazy few days, but I’m excited to share a few things with you:

Q. Why was I MIA for a while?

A. The Desire Conference

I am one of the two speakers (along with Cindi McMenamin) for this new conference sponsored by Harvest House Publishers. The Desire Conference is one day of talking about how the line up God’s desires for you with your own desires. We also had the AMAZING worship band Tapestry (pictured left,)  leading us that day. We are scheduled for four more cities so far and can’t wait to meet with the women of America as God creates desires in each of our hearts. To find out more about the Desire Conference (or how to bring it to your city,) check out the website at Transformed Conferences

Q. Anything else cool going on?

A. So glad you asked!

I will be on Focus on the Family TV this coming Wednesday on a broadcast called, “Would You Marry You?” Featuring amazing author Linda Dillow and recording artist Rebecca St. James.  The video below is all about the broadcast. Well. Almost all about the broadcast. They just booked me yesterday (hey, I’m not complaining…) and so there is no mention of me – but promise – if you listen (or better yet, call in,) I will be there! Wednesday, March 23rd  11 AM Pacific – 2PM Eastern at www.YourFamilyLive.com. The call in number is: 888-465-6595

Q. Hey, what about that giveaway you talked about?

A. Don’t worry. I didn’t forget! If you tell me below that you are either going to:

  1. Check out the Desire website
  2. Watch the broadcast on Focus
  3. Call in to the broadcast of focus
  4. Or just stop by to say hi, and leave a comment

I will enter you to win my conference speaking partner Cindi McMenamin’s amazing book, Woman on the Edge.

Really. Ask anyone at the conference. You need this books.

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