Today, as I was coming downstairs I heard the words that a woman never wants to hear.

“Kim thinks the freezer stopped running.”

Ugh – that is not what I wanted to hear from Sunnie, my ministry manager. Really? Had it really stopped running?

Well, the Skinny Cows that were now Runny Cows were the first indications that a mystery kid hadn’t just left a door open for a few minutes.

But I’m the kind of girl who turns defrosted lemon juice into lemonade. I thought, “Well, at least I can clean out the freezer from expired food and get a fresh start!” Lemonade.

So I started to go through the frozen dinners I’ve made with The Frozen Gourmet, drippy chicken breasts, and frozen yogurt containers. My only consultation? At least I was clearing out all that food that was past it’s prime.

Except? There was no expired food. Not one ice cream container, not one frozen pizza, not one icy pork roast. Nothing was expired.


A few years ago? Half the stuff would have been older than my kids.

So, do you have an Organizational Milestone that Martha Stewart would Never Understand?

  • You found your car keys without having to pay your kids to help you.
  • You went to get your allergy medicine and it was right where you expected.
  • You fit your car in the garage.
  • You opened up a DVD case on your shelf and the right DVD was in it.

Share with me. If you do, I will choose one commenter to win a copy of THE FROZEN GOURMET. (The winner will be announced on Monday.)

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