I have a giant purse. Huge.

I was even given the cocktail napkins at a retreat after people heard me talk about my undying devotion for oversized bags.

I remember one time telling Roger that I needed a purse with wheels to lug around all my stuff.

Roger told me, “That’s called a suitcase and you have a problem.”

I will always have a giant purse (because I love them and see the napkin above…) but I don’t need to have the back and shoulder pain that go with an overstuffed purse.

So once a week I do my three step method (I use this all over the house, but here it will apply to handbags,) to keeping my bag from overflowing.

1.       CLEAR IT OUT I simple take my purse and dump it out in a grocery bag.

  • Anything I want to keep (but doesn’t belong in my purse) gets put away. (This is when I go through receipts in my wallet – or the ones that have been thrown in my purse, pieces of paper, etc.)
  • Anything that is garbage stays in the bag and gets thrown away.

2.       PUT IT BACK Anything that belongs in the purse, stays in the purse. This includes

Wallet (I like the kind that has a place for a checkbook because I still have to write a couple of checks a month, plus, it keeps my business receipts better organized.

Make-up bag

  • Lipstick and gloss
  • Eye liner
  • Powder
  • Sunscreen stick
  • Blush and brush
  • Eyeglass cleaner wipes
  • Hand sanitize


Sunglasses case

Cell phone
Emergency kit

  • Hollywood Tape
  • $20
  • Needle and thread
  • Nail glue

3.       KEEP IT UP If I do it once a week, it really is easy to stay on top of it.

Also, have a small bag for makeup, and an emergency bag, it makes it easy to transfer the contents of the purse into my computer bag.

So tell me – do you have any fab tips for keeping your bag clean and light?

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