There have been a lot of men this week blushing at work.

Good work girls.

Today, I want you to plan a treat just for him. When Roger and I were dating, we would each grab a little personal sized Ben and Jerry’s and eat it in front a romantic movie.

However, ever since we got married, all of our ice cream tastes have been merged into one cheap half gallon of neapolitan.

Tonight, I’m going to buy Roger a pint all to himself. One that he doesn’t have to share with me, the kids, or the dog.

If you didn’t get the note on Tuesday to go get him something, or bake him something, or take him somewhere, you just have to tell me when you are going to give him a treat, and what it will be.

I will pick a winner to receive a $5 gift card to Starbucks so you can treat him one more time.

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