Hey kiddos – Yes – it has been a long time since I’ve posted. Having two book deadlines and a whirlwind tour of Austin, Spartanburg, and Atlanta tends to make this blogger go underground.

So why am I writing you today? Well one, I miss you. I really do. We get each other and that is a beautiful thing…

And two? I am writing a book and would love your help. Well, some of your help….

My next book is THE GET YOURSELF ORGANIZED PROJECT and I am looking for people who have struggled with organization but have made some progress, or who are still struggling (hey, and I fit into both categories, but things are getting MUCH better around here!) and would like to try out some of the projects.

So why is this the Tom Sawyer approach. Well if you remember the book, Tom has to white wash a fence but wants help in doing it, so he tells his friend Ben how much fun it is, and how much he is enjoying it, until Ben BEGS Tom to let him help.

So all I have to say is that writing a book is SO MUCH FUN and I bet you wish you could help me write this book.

(Did it work?)

So if you are interested, would you be willing to drop me a note at books@kathilipp.com ? I would love to include you in this project, get your insight, and trick you into writing my next book. have you help me write my next book…

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