I’m 13 days away from a book deadline (not that anyone is counting…) and 43 days away from another one.

It’s at about this point that showering becomes optional.

I’ve got a lot of words to write, and then put into the right order. There isn’t a lot of fun reading, chatting or other exciting stuff going on. Normally, I would sooth myself with loads of baked goods. The problem with that is that I have once again turned myself into Weight Watcher and there is a price to be paid for indulgence. Oh, and I’ve given up soda except for twice a month. Sigh…

My last refuge? Coffee.

I wish I were a black coffee kinda girl. But I’m just not. And a latte still has a bunch of calories – even with non-fat milk. But you know what doesn’t? A misto.

At least half the time I order my misto at the inside counter at a Starbucks, another customer will ask me what that drink is (and a couple of times over the past five years, I’ve explained it to a barista or two.)

A misto is half drip coffee, half steamed milk. If you order it non-fat, it is only two Weight Watchers Plus Points. I add a little sugar-free vanilla sryup and it’s a beautiful thing.

I want to have some interruptions to my day here (fun ones, that is…) so if you tell me what your favorite drink is at Starbucks, I’ll put you in a drawing for me to buy if for you with a $5 Starbucks card. Post it by Thursday 6:00 PST and I will announce the winner on Friday.

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