Here is my interview with Marla, author of the brand new e-book The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky. Read this fun interview, and then find out how two of you will win Marla’s fun and fab books!

Kathi: Goodness, girl. You’re a brave little thing for tackling a book about sex. For GUYS. How on earth did this come about?

Marla: That, my friend, is a great question. And honestly? I swore this is the one book I’d never write. I write for women. Why? 1.) because I am one and 2.) guys don’t read books.

Oh, I’ve gotten e-mails from guys who swiped their wives’ copies of Is That All He Thinks About? and then asked when I was going to write one for them, but I always just laughed it off. And then I got 3 e-mails from 3 guys in 3 days all asking the same question. I took it as a sign and started writing. And the rest is you know…

Kathi: You know I love your writing style, girl. Will this book be written in the same “voice” as your others, or did you have to make some changes now that you’re writing for guys?

Marla: I know why you like my style–because it reminds you of your own! Actually, I didn’t change much at all. I added a “dude” at the end of a few sentences and called it a day. I’m not really a very girly writer, and quite a few guys actually read my blog (and enjoy it apparently), so I’m
sticking with what works for me.

Kathi: Like you said, guys don’t read as much as women do. How are you going to convince them to read this book?

Marla: The irresistible title and the killer comic book cover. ‘Nuff said.

Kathi: On a more serious note, do you think wives are going to feel comfortable with their husbands reading a book about sex written by a woman?

Marla: Sure. We women read books about sex written by guys. It’s no biggie. I’m pretty certain that a lot of wives are going to be reading this book (and buying it for their husbands), so I made sure it was something they’d be cool with. And there are several points in the book where I say, “Hey, you know what? We’ll touch on this briefly here, but I’d really rather you and your wife sit down and have this particular discussion.” I’ve prayed over this book more than any other I’ve written, and I’m confident that I wrote the words I needed to write.

Kathi: Give me two good reasons a wife should buy this book for her husband for Father’s Day.

Marla: 1.) $4.99 is an amazing bargain for a sweeter, kinder husband who’s more in tune with your emotional needs and 2.) He really doesn’t need another tool for his box or set of logo golf balls, does he? Don’t you want to get him what he reeeeally wants? I mean, let’s be real here. What husband doesn’t want to get lucky for Father’s Day?

Kathi: Thanks for hanging out here on the blog, friend. It’s been a treat.

Marla: The pleasure is all mine, girl. Can’t wait to finally meet you in person one of these days! A million blessings on all 12 of your books releasing in the next year!

I want you to have the chance to win The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky so leave a comment about what totally husband-centric thing you are going to do for your man this Father’s Day and I will enter you into a drawing to win either a $5 Gift Card to Amazon (so you can download your own copy,) or a copy of the great book Is That All He Thinks About ? You have to tell me by Friday evening at 8 California time to be entered into the drawing.

But my suggestion? Go ahead and get the book and just tell him in a card with a big red bow. Later on that night, just wear the bow.

Happy Father’s Day to you both.

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