Hey friends-

As many of you know (because part of my responsibility has been to talk about it,) I am being featured on Focus on the Family Wednesday morning on their radio broadcast. This was taped about two weeks ago and will be heard in a LOT of places on Wednesday morning. We are talking about THE HUSBAND PROJECT. It’s a light hearted interview and was a lot of fun.

This morning, I will be flying to Colorado to work with the team at Your Family Live (the TV/Webinar part of Focus on the Family)for their broadcast on Wednesday where I will be the main guest (they have a couple other people coming in on Skype.) During and right after the broadcast, Focus will be having its first ever Twitter Party featuring me, my book and a ton of giveaways. Focus is teaming up with my publisher Harvest House, and MOPS International. (MOPS is using this to promote their convention where I’ll be speaking with (gulp) Max Lucado.)

So at this point, you are probably saying, “Um, Kathi… Awesome. But why are you telling me?” (I’m sure the guys that I sent this to are especially scratching their heads…)

I would really, really love your help in one or two of the following ways. Because I want the Twitter Party to be a success for both MOPS and Focus, and I want the broadcast to do its part in encouraging women to encourage their men!

1. You could join the twitter party: If you follow www.Twitter.com/YourFamilyLive on twitter, you will find out all the details. Don’t have a twitter account? Don’t worry. You can sign up for one and then never use it after Wednesday (that’s what Roger did when he signed up for one!)
2. You can listen or watch on Wednesday: for the radio program(10 AM CA time) http://www.focusonthefamily.com/radio.aspx for the webcast (11AM CA time) http://www.focusonlinecommunities.com/community/webcasts
3. If you are one of my web savvy friends, you could let other people know about the party. Here is a little script you can post, email, carrier pigeon:
Your Family Live is also having their very first Twitter Party with Kathi! Prizes include Kathi’s book, The Husband Project, “My Husband’s A Hottie” T-Shirts, Focus on the Family’s Essentials of Parenting DVDs and several resources from MOPS, including ten free Storyboard Tickets and two free Registrations to the MOPS 2011 Convention in Nashville, TN on August 4-6th! Make sure you “follow” Your Family Live by going to www.Twitter.com/YourFamilyLive, and then respond to the tweets on the day of the show for your opportunity to win! You can find out more by going to the Your Family Live Facebook page!

4. Finally, if you have no interest in getting a Twitter account, and have a full time job and can’t randomly take off to listen to me on the radio, perhaps you should consider changing jobs…
Actually, I am writing because I believe that God is going to do something powerful with the listeners on Wednesday. I know there are a TON of men who have no soft place to land in their lives. I want women to be called to a higher standard in their marriages, but I know that a lot of them are hurting as well. My prayer is that women will join together to not only pray for their marriage, but take daily action steps to improve their marriage.

Thanks to each of you. I am blessed.


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