and let me tell you, there is always that possibility….

Thanks to each and every one of you that prayed for my time with MOPS and Focus on the Family last week. So many of you have asked, “So… how did it go?” and I have been so exhausted since doing it that I’m now sitting down to get all my thoughts on blog.

1. MOPS was awesome. I have always loved that organization, but now meeting the people behind the scenes? I love them that much more. If you are not a part of MOPS and you have preschoolers, well you should be. If you are a part of MOPS and aren’t going to their national convention in August, please come. Bribe your husband with lingerie so he’ll watch the kids and come – it is going to be amazing…

1. A Dry Run is a Good Thing. I met with the web/TV producer Tuesday night (my radio interview was on Wednesday,) and had a great time getting to know her. Then she asked me, “Would you like to go over to the Focus radio studio to see where they will be interviewing you.” Um… Yeah… So Deanna took us over there and she did a practice run with me…




And then (because we are total nerds..) Roger and I did a dry run as well:

I know. Nerd Alert.






Finally, the big day (after almost no sleep) arrived, and it was amazing. I will have pictures from that day, but the interview went really well, we had a great time, and I didn’t say one totally inappropriate thing.

Finally, we got to meet up with our friends Steve and Shannon, (Steve works at FOTF). After being so nervous, I needed something to calm my nerves. No! Not alcohol, (please, this is Focus on the Family we are talking about!) But this is Zoe, Steve and Shannon’s new puppy. Zoe is your reward for praying for me. Zoe did the trick.

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