Hey friends – I have been MIA for a while. I had two books due in two months, and now, because I’ve turned in the books and have nothing to do, I have Jury Duty in the morning at 8:30.

So as much as I would like to be back to blogging, this is just a stop by. But a stop by with gifts.

The book I turned in yesterday is THE GET YOURSELF ORGANIZED PROJECT. (And how cute is that cover.) One of the tips I use in the book (and in my own house,) is to use the plastic clothes separators that are used in stores on clothes racks to separate sizes. I use them to section of general areas of my closet. It makes putting away my clothes easier and keeps things in orders.

I want to give away ten sets of five separators! Just tell me the one area of your house where no one is allowed to look (that junk drawer, junk room, your son’s room, etc.) and I will put you in the drawing to win the set. Drawing will take place this Friday at 8:00 PM CA time. Fun!
BTW Yours will be blank so you can put whatever you want on it. (Dresses, sweaters, clown suits…)

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