This morning I was sitting down with Jesus to do some face to face time and all of the sudden, out of nowhere, God was getting up in my grill.

“You know that TV is taking over your life.”

Um. Back off and leave my TV alone. That TV has helped me write two books in the past three months.

You see with two big deadlines, I needed a way to break those huge writing job down into doable chunks. So I would write a thousand words, and then watch an episode of 30 Rock (God bless Netflix instant streaming and Hulu Plus…) TV made it possible to get through those huge projects that, at the time, felt totally overwhelming. (So if my new Organizing book has a distinctly Tina Fey edge, well, you’re welcome.)

While I totally recommend doing what you have to do to get the job done, even after the books are now turned in to their respective publishers, I have continued to let the TV plan my days.

I’m not giving up TV, (Roger and I have recently discovered Hell’s Kitchen and he, Kimberly and I are getting a load of fun out of watching it,) but I am going to stop the mindless, “let’s just see if there’s anything I want to watch” watching. i have some big and exciting things coming up in my life, and I want to be fully present for every experience that God has for me. I want to connect with the people in my life and stop using TV (and food) as my reward. I want to find my strength to complete a project based on the promises of God’s work and not the promise of a new episode of The Middle.

Have you ever felt like God was calling you to give up something (or really, really cut back.) Curious as to how you went about it.

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