Hey friends.

Thursday is a big day for me, and I could really use your prayers. It’s kinda the biggest speaking engagement I’ve ever had, and while I’m humbled by God that I get to do anything even in the realm of this event with MOPS, Sara Groves, and Max Lucado, I’m also, well, freaking out a bit.

  • Would you pray that I wouldn’t get in the way of what God wants to say.
  • Would you pray that these MOPS moms are just blessed this whole convention and know that there is a God who loves so sweetly that He would orchestrate all of THIS for them.
  • Would you pray that I get some sleep…

I will be speaking on THE HUSBAND PROJECT from 3:00-4:30 and then in the MOPS presentation STORYBOARD from 6-8:30. (All Nashville times…)

Thank you friends. I can’t telly you how much my bloggy friends mean to me that I can come to you and ask for this. Love each and every one of you.

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