Oh friend, how can I thank you for the prayers for me this week.

I knew you were praying. I could feel it, I could see it, and you told me.

I knew it every time I saw one of those MOPS moms praying over another MOPS mom.

I knew it in the divine appointments that were happening every time I turned around.

I knew it when I stepped on stage, to speak to the largest live audience I’ve ever spoken to, and had less nerves than I do when I’ve spoken to a dozen women.

I’m so excited to share with you all that God has done, and I will be over the next few weeks ( and there are ways that you will get to participate…) But for now know this:

You are the best bloggy friends a girl could have.

God used you in a big way.

I owe you a coffee the next time we hang out.

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