It is time for another prize!!!

Roger and I went to Disneyland last week and I finally got to go on Areiel’s Undersea Adventure. Loved it! And now, I still have Dory on the brain –Remember the motto, “Just keep swimming,” that had been a theme for many of you earlier this year?

Well, I want to know what things you have had to keep swimming for, those things that you kept pushing towards and why? We all need inspiration from time to time and while you inspire me as I read your “I kept swimming” story I am sure you will inspire other readers and may even inspire yourself to tackle the next hurdle, the next chore or that thing you have been putting off because you are unsure of yourself, fearful of conquering or just lacking the gusto to get up and starting moving towards the finish line!

I want you to tell me, in the comments, a time when you just kept swimming. A time when you were working towards something, a goal you have, a dream you want, and when something came up, you just kept swimming.

I will put all your names in a hat, pick one, and will send you one of my adorable, motivating, stuffed Dorys.

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