Hey girls – can you believe that you are ten days in? If no one else is saying it, I’m really, really proud of you. I love that so many of you are posting the benefits that you are already enjoying:

  • Feeling ahead for this year
  • Feeling ahead for next year
  • Knowing what you are going to get each person on your list
  • A feeling of accomplishment

Here are just a few of the comments that I’m hearing:

“Thanks for helping me keep it simple, Kathi. Doing photo Christmas cards for the first time ever and they are done and ready to go. I am smiling and ready to start sending…:)” Catha

“It’s so fun to get out of bed this week and see what I get to do today to get ready for Christmas!” Renee

Y’all have made my season – I love that you are encouraging me, as I try to encourage you. I am way ahead this year and a LOT of it is due to you.

OK – enough of the love in. Time to get to today’s project. Simple: Gather your stuff.

Originally this project was going to be “Buy your stuff”, but I know that all of us probably have enough gift wrap, tags and ribbon to supply Santa’s workshop. Problem is, most of us find it December 26th.

So dig through your basement, garage, spare closet or under the bed and gather together:

  • wrapping paper
  • ribbon
  • tissue paper
  • tags, etc.
  • Scotch tape
  • scissors

Get all this stuff in one place so that when you have to go into elf mode you’re not running all over the house.

This would be the time to also purchase anything that you are short on (I end up buying tape every single year.)

I would love to see what you do to make your wrapping special or how you save money on wrapping for Christmas. Send me a picture of your how you make your packages special, and if I feature your pic on the blog, I will send you one of my books as a thank you! Send the pics to info@kathilipp.com


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