Time to get your kitchen in order for this special time of year…

  • Get your meal plan for each of your celebrations (both at your home and at others homes)
  • Are you going to be doing any special holiday baking? Are you giving any food gifts?
  • Plan the rest of your meals for the month – a girl can’t live on gingerbread alone (but it’s a beautiful thought, isn’t it?) If you need a blank calendar to plan out the rest the less than holiday hoopla dinners you will need to consume? Head over to my FB Author Page to get a free download.
  • Make sure you have the cookie sheets, baking dishes, etc you’ll need. If you don’t, borrow what you need from friends and relative who will be out of town anyway.
From there, create your shopping list for what you are going to need. If you stock up on your staples now, you will thank me when you don’t have to venture into the sore on December 23rd to try to find the last can of canned pumpkin.
And if you’re making any kind of brittle, send me a note and I’ll make sure that you have my mailing address correct.

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