Stockings or no stockings? That’s the question.

People are deeply rooted in traditon – do they have stockings, what do you put in them, and when do you open them.

We usually have a few standard goodies in each stocking:

  • Chocolate Gold Coins
  • Gummy Bears
  • Tooth Brushes
  • Playing Cards
  • Thank-you Notes

Yes. Thank you notes. These are suppose to inspire the kids to actually write the notes (it happens about 50% of the time…)

Here is how I get ready for the stockings:

I have a Ziploc bag with each person’s name on it. As I gather up little treats for them, I wrap them and keep them in their own Ziploc. When it comes time to fill the individual stockings, all I do is dump the content of each bag into the appropriate stocking.

You’re Own Stocking

After the first couple of years of marriage and Roger noticing that I didn’t have anything in my stocking (it really didn’t bother me, promise…)  So our third Christmas he went to Bath and Body and loaded up (I got a dozen hand sanitizers. No, I wasn’t offended…) But I still buy myself a little treat to put in my own stocking. Nothing extravagant, but just a little something I wouldn’t normally buy for myself.

At the last event I spoke at, I had a rush of women come up to my booktable and get the My Husband is a Hottie Shirt. I normally sell quite a few of the shirts, but this was unusual…. I finally asked one of the ladies what was up a

nd she explained that her whole table decided to purchase the shirts to put in their own stockings – a gift for her, a gift for him. Genius.

If you tell me in the comments what the best part of the Christmas Project has been for you, I will put you in a drawing for your own T-shirt to stuff your stocking with.

The winner will be randomly cho

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