Today is the last day of the Projects. I’m so proud of all of you (especially those of you who have sent me Christmas cards signed – “I haven’t sent Christmas cards in YEARS!!!”

Each of us has thing to do that aren’t on the list. Traditions your family has, things that maybe you still need to do.

I know I do after traveling and having whooping cough this month – I still have a couple of check marks to earn.

BUT – I am way ahead of where I would have been without each of you and the Project. It’s not about that smug sense of satisfaction you get by being ahead of the game – it’s the feeling of peace you get when you know that you can  concentrate on the best part of the season: loving God. Loving others.

After Christmas, we will have a 5 Day Put Away Project to get your house back in order, and get ready to start the New Year.

Bless each and every one of you, for supporting each other and cheering me and your fellow elves, on!

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