How much thought do you put into what you wear or don’t wear to bed? Most probably do not think it matters, you want to be comfy and you will be sleeping anyway. However, there is a time before sleep and a time after sleep before you crawl out of bed that can be a meaningful, beautiful and wonderful way to either end or start your day? Sex!

Our man was first attracted to our appearance. That was a motivating factor to get him to strike up a conversation with us. After a few years of marriage, some kids we may not be what we once were or we have gotten to comfortable with our hubbie we are not trying to impress him much anymore. But think about those dates you go on, maybe it is only on your anniversary you go somewhere nice or over the holidays. You take the time and energy to dress up and primp to look your best for the event so why not do so for your man?

Remember the movie, Pretty Woman? One of the best scenes is after her day of shopping and she is waiting for him in the bar of the hotel in her lacy, sexy, black cocktail dress. You can feel the emotions of nerves and excitement for both of them. Have you done something like that since you married? I have a girlfriend whose husband took her to Paris for their anniversary a few years ago. Before leaving she shopped for a sexy, black cocktail dress and new heels. She knew her hubbie had made reservations for them at one of Paris’ top 5 star restaurants. The night of their dinner she did not get dressed until after her hubbie left the room. She instructed him to wait for her in the bar. She slipped on her dress (he had not seen it at all yet) put on her heels and primped her hair and make up before walking down to the bar to meet her man. He had no idea what to expect. They had a great evening and months later child #4 arrived, a baby girl named Mercie, they refer to her as their french baby.

OK, so our bedrooms are our private intimate place we share with our husband. Why not make the time we are together in the bedroom as meaningful and prepare for that time? It’s time to ditch the sweat pants, or old baggy tees. Clean out the pantie drawer and get rid of anything that may resemble what your granny would wear. Buy a matching bra and pantie combo, find more flattering pj’s and yes make sure you have a piece of lingerie or two. One way to shop for it is to think of what would look great on the floor? A pile of baggy shirts and sweat pants looks like dirty laundry and is so boring, but a small piece of lace, something silky or stringy looks sexy and fun.

You don’t have to wear lingerie to bed every night, it does not have to be silky. You can find cotton pieces that are flattering, a cami and matching panties. Heck, you don’t need anything at all either. I am sure most of us would pleasantly shock our hubbies if we showed up to bed completely naked.

Here are the basics that every woman needs to own and love: 

  1. Silky pajamas – No, they don’t show a lot of skin,      but each piece can be worn separately (the bottoms with a silky camisole,      the top all by itself). Plus, you have something cute and fun that keeps      you covered when your in-laws come to visit.
  2. Silky camisole and boy shorts – These can be mixed      and matched with the above items, or worn together when a more bare-bones      approach is appropriate.
  3. A Kimono – This style of robe looks great on      everyone, covers enough to run outside and get the paper, while still      looking cool and sexy.
  4. A Lacy Bra and Matching Underwear – Sure to be a      crowd-of-one pleaser. Your choice on the style of underwear (thong, brief      or full coverage).

Consider these optional items to make things a little more fun:

  1. Some Fabulous Heels – Heels have the magical ability      to make your legs look longer and give definition to your rear end. The      nice thing is that it doesn’t matter if they’re not the most comfortable      shoes in the world – you probably won’t be wearing them for very long.
  2. A Teddy – Hides tummy issues and looks great on every      figure.
  3.  A Boa – I will      leave that to your imagination.

Wear something sexy to sleep in. It doesn’t need to be one ofVictoria’s sweet nothings. Perhaps just a silky nightshirt or a lacy camisole; the goal is to dump the Nike t-shirt that you normally sport.

Also, it’s your job to make sure that sleep is not all that happens in your pretty new nighty.

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