Yes- I do believe I can help you get organized. (I mean, if I can organize cats, what can’t I tackle?)

I have been one of those women who has lived with the frustration of not knowing where my keys are, not being able to put my hand on important paper, running errands at the last minute for items that I knew I needed weeks ago, all because I’d resigned myself to the fact that I just wasn’t organized.

Have you been there?

If you are like me, then you’ve bought ever orgainzation book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble, or on the screen of Amazon, looking for a solution. But let me tell you why they haven’t worked.

They were written by organized people.

They were not written for you.

An organized person would never tell you how to clean out your purse by dumping it all into a bag but I do, because you, like me, want fast and instant and impressive results.

So if you’re willing to take a chance that I know what I’m talking about (and let me assure you, my stress level has gone down dramatically since I’ve learned the secrets to being organized when you are naturally unorganized) I have an offer for you!

Buy my two latest books THE GET YOURSELF ORGANIZED PROJECT and THE WHAT’S FOR DINNER SOLUTION (because we know the only thing more stressful than not knowing where your keys are is not knowing what’s for dinner…) for the majorly discounted price of $19.99 (plus S&H) and I will include the adorable MY HUSBAND IS A HOTTIE bag for free.


This offer is just to kick off the book release and is good until May 15th.

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