1. Menu Planning – Before I write anything in ink on the actual menu, I put the meals I want on small Post-its so that I can move them around to accomodate my family’s schedule. No sense putting stir-fry on Wednesday night when everyone is going to be in and out of the house. Better to have a pot of Chili so people can grab-and-go.
  2. Love Notes – Especially on the bathroom mirror.
  3. Midnight Madness – When I remember something in the middle of the night, I have a stack of Post-its and a pen by the side of my bed so when the brainstorm comes along (“Don’t forget to bring silly string to the event tomorrow!”) I can just paste it on my phone where I’m sure to see it.
  4. Quick Filing – I have four diffenent colors of small Post-its that I use for quick filing.
    • Blue – Things to delegate
    • Orange – To Put on My Calendar and then in my Tickler File
    • Green – To put on my to-do list
    • Pink – To put in my filing system
  5. Prayer Prompts – I put the names of people I’m praying for on Post-its above my desk where I’ll see them every morning

Now tell me: What is your favorite way to use Post-its? Next Monday, I will randomly choose one winner to recieve a copy of my new book THE GET YOURSELF ORGANIZED PROJECT!

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