Would You Take 7 Days to Pray for Your Man?

You know how everything is more fun with friends?

  • Movies
  • Eating
  • Bra shopping

OK – maybe not that last one. But loads of other stuff.

I know that if I want to stick to anything in my life, I better bring some of my best biddies along to make sure I stick with it. And what is more important than praying for my husband? Not much.

So why not bring hundreds of friends along for the ride?

From Monday, June 11th through Sunday, June 17th (that’s Father’s Day) I, along with some of my friends, will be leading all of us in what our men need most from us: prayer.

Oh – and why invite some of your best friends along for our little adventure of 7 Days to Pray for Your Man? Just forward them this blog so they can subscribe to  the blog for all the posts.

Go ahead and tell me that you’re in – it could change your husband’s life, your life, or your marriage!


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