5 Marriage Blogs You Should be Reading

OK – so I get a little bossy when I’m blogging. But I really feel like all of us girls who are REALLY working hard to make our marriages better need all the love and encouragement we can get.

You already read my blog. And for that I’m glad, cause I’m all about taking those small steps to a great marriage. But as much I want to be all things to all married women, I cannot.

Here are a few people I’ve met along the way who encourage me in my marriage…

The Happy Wives Club

Fawn Weaver

Great Post: Becoming a Happy Wife

The Happy Wives Club Facebook Page

Why I love her: Fawn has literally traveled all over the world to talk with happy wives and see why they are that way. Her insights are fascinating, her writing smart, and her ideas practical. Love that.


Cheri Gregory

Cheri Gregory

Great Post: Do I Think Like Lover or Mother

Cheri Gregory’s Facebook Author Page

Why I Love Her: Cheri is an expert on the personalities. (She helped me write 21 Ways to Connect with Your Kids focusing on the personalities.) She is married to someone with her opposite personality, and in her blog she talks about the real stuff of marriage. I always come away a little marriage smarter after reading her blog.

To Love Honor and Vacuum

Sheila Wray Gregoire

Great Post: 31 Days to Great Sex is Here

Sheila Wray Gregoire’s Facebook Page

If there was every a girlfriend to give it to you straight (with enough humor to make you keep listening..) then Sheila is your woman. Love, love love her.

Time Warp Wife  

Darlene Schacht

Great Post: 3 Ways to Create Unity in Your Marriage

Time Warp Wife’s Facebook Page

Why I love her: Darlene Tackles all the issues of marriage (kids, house stuff, sex,) with love, grace and godly wisdom. You will be encouraged, and you will change something you’re currently doing.

Spiritually Unequal Marriage

Dineen Miller and Lynn Donovan

Great Blog Post: Redefining My Marriage

Spiritually Unequal Marriage’s Facebook Page

Why I Love Them: Dineen and Lynn have a great ministry to women (and some men) who are married to spouses who are not followers of Christ. I love their gentle, biblical approach to honor and love.

Q4U: Is there a great marriage blog that I missed that I should include in the next list? Tell me in the comments below so I can take a look!

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