9502606_s (1)Get Yourself Organized: Your Pajamas

When I wrote The Husband Project there was quite a backlash over one part of the book. It wasn’t about anything as scandalous as sex – it was all about PJs.

When I suggested that women should wear something  nicer that their cast off paint clothes, it was the outcry heard around the world (or at least the internet.)

“I want to be comfortable! How can you say I should not wear my comfy clothes to bed.”

“After a long day I don’t want to wear a G-string and some pasties to bed.”

OK so obviously, there was a bit of a misunderstanding.

I just believe that it’s not an either/or proposition. I believe it’s possible to have cute sleeping apparel that’s as comfortable and your favorite sweats from college. (You know, the one’s you wouldn’t caught dead in outside of the house.)

So as you’re cleaning out you PJ drawer, keep in mind that it’s OK to only keep the jammies that make you feel great, and are comfy, too. (Of course, keep a selection of nightwear that’s for something besides sleeping.

What to Get Rid of…

  • Anything that has a stain on it
  • Anything with holes
  • Anything that doesn’t  fit
  • Anything that is uncomfortable to sleep in
  • Anything that your husband hates

What to Keep

  • Anything that you feel cute/hot in and is comfy

What to Do with what You’re Getting Rid of…

  • For things that are hopelessly stained/tattered – put in the recycling bin
  • For things that don’t fit, feel uncomfortable, don’t make you feel cute/hot – donate to Goodwill or other organization

Question for You

What is currently in your PJ drawer that you should be getting rid of? (Com to think of it I have a pink tank top that needs to hit the recycle bin…)


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