Day 3We are giving away a copy of Praying God’s Word for Your Husband to one of our commenters today, so jump in!

Would I want to come home to my house? It’s an honest question. Depending on the day, yes. And no.

There are days when I’ve worked hard at making my home a soft place to land. I’ve spent a little time cleaning up messes, getting dinner on the table, and put some music on the iPod that helps me connect with God.

Then there are other days.

Usually the other days have involved a little too much TV and a lot too much Facebook. I end up scrambling to pray up a miracle for dinner, and am resentful that all of this is left to me to do.

When I spend time in God’s word, I go into my day being grateful for the home, husband, job and family God has given me, instead of being resentful for the interruptions that they impose on my day. How long did I hope for the husband and kids I now have? How many others would love to have the home I now have, messy and mortgage payments included?

I want to walk through my day — and my home — with an abundance of gratitude. So much so, that when my husband, or anyone else — comes through the threshold, they can’t help but get that thankfulness splashed on them.

The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.
— Proverbs 14:1
God, let me be the wise woman who builds up her home and all who are in it. God, don’t let me get years down the road and see that I’ve been the one tearing it down. Let it be a safe haven for all who enter, especially for my husband.
a house of peace….

Tell me one of the “interruptions”  you are grateful for today. We are giving away a copy of Praying God’s Word for Your Husband to one of our commenters today, so don’t be shy!


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