You can accomplish a great deal while watching your favorite TV program. Here are 30 Organizing Projects you can do the next time your favorite show is on.

1. Clean out your handbag


2. Clear out your phone of email

3. Clean your keyboard

4. Take unused keys off your keychain

5. Match all your unmatched socks

6. Go through a stack of magazines and recycle anything older than three months

7. Check the balance on a gift card online and write the amount on the front with a permanent marker

8. Put bookplates in your books

9. File Recipes

10. Shred documents with personal info on them (only during commercials)

11. Make a meal plan for this week

12. Go through all your pens and throw out the ones that are dried up

13. Go through your DVDs and put any in a bag that you don’t watch anymore so you can give them away

14. Sort your mail

15. Clean out your diaper bag

16. Answer 10 easy emails

17. Grab a kitchen drawer and sort through it and wipe it down

18. Address and send birthday cards for the month

19. Write 3 thank you notes

20. Start a shopping list

21.   Fix a button on a shirt

22.   Fold three loads of laundry (and put them away during the commercials)

23.   Cut out coupons and put them in your wallet

24.   Gather up any business cards and put them in your computer contacts

25.   Take pictures of your kids artwork before “thinning it out” (throwing it away)

26.   Clean out your child’s backpack

27.   Make sure your family calendars match

28.   Download photos from your phone to PC (or set up for it to be done automatically through Facebook)

29.   Order supplies online (ink, batteries, craft supplies, specialty foods, vitamins, etc.)

30.   Download movies, audio books or music for your next flight or road trip


Q4USo tell me – what do you like to get done while watching your favorite TV show?

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