Praying God's Word for Your Live  I’ve been in that place – stuck.

Stuck in my relationships, stuck in my relationship with God, stuck in sticky situations, stuck in my job. Stuck.

And can we just say it? Stuck sucks.

Oh I would pray. I would. But the problem was I would offer up one feeble prayer to God and just wait. And wait. It wasn’t until I got persistent with God – when I kept coming to him again and again until I saw things start to shake loose, that I really believed that God not only could change the circumstances in my life – I started to believe that he loved me enough to do so.

And that’s why I wrote Praying God’s Word for Your Life – because I want you to experience God’s “shaking loose” in your life. I want you to walk through life not only knowing God can, but that God loves you enough to change your life.

I want to offer you a discount on the book until the official release June 1.  We will be going through the book together on the blog, so get your copy and get ready to change your life.

On sale for $10 on my website until May 31st

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