262883_Lipp_pin2My husband, Roger, is one of those guys who would do anything you needed – just ask. He calls himself a handyman for the 21st century: Need a network for your home? Call Rog. Want Roger’s salsa recipe? No need – he’ll make his famous appetizer for you.

As great as my husband is, though, Roger is often reluctant to “put himself out there”. He is hesitant to get involved in situations that he doesn’t know anything about. He wants to help people, but he is much more comfortable when the help is asked for.

So when I asked him how his day had gone, I was shocked when he told that he stopped at a multi-car accident on the way home.

“Yeah, it was a three car accident. The front two cars had minor damage, but the third car was totaled. No one else was stopping, so I figured I better stop. I helped the third woman, got her calmed down, and then called 911. I stayed with all three women until the ambulance, police, and fire department arrived.”

I’m not telling this story to brag on my man, (although I’m really proud of him…) I’m telling this story for a couple of reasons.

How to Help When You Don’t Feel Like Enough

  1. We don’t avoid helping people because we’re bad people – we avoid because it presses up against our comfort zone.
  2. Sometimes when we step out of our comfort zone, we are not going to get the reaction we would hope for. This just happened to me yesterday – I Praying God's Word for Your Livewent up to a woman at the airport to let her know her sweater was one inside out (she was right outside of security so it would be easy to get it turned inside out.) After I told her she literally looked down her nose at me and said, “OK” in a huffy voice as if to say “How dare you bother me with such a trivial matter.” At first I felt bad and rejected, but Roger reminded me, “You would want someone to tell you. You did the right thing.”
  3. When we do the right thing, God will give you the words to say. You don’t have to be fully prepared before you help. You just have to show up – God will equip you for what to do and say next.

In the comments below, tell me one area where you feel God is calling you to step out of your comfort zone – or has in the past. I would love to give one reader a copy of my new book Praying God’s Word for Your Life

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