What was the last thing you didToday, Focus on the Family is rebroadcasting a show I did with earlier this year with Jim Daly and John Fuller (two of my favorite people to talk to in the world…) on one of my favorite subjects: How to Have a Happier Husband. You can listen here on Wednesday.

On that page you can download our fun 14 Ways to have a Happier Husband Cheat Sheet, and get a great discount on an assortment of my books about how to make that man happy.

But to give you some spot on encouragement, I want to do a give away for a little fun feedback. Tell me in the comments below what was the last thing you did to let your husband know you love him, we will randomly pick five winners to win the books featured on the Focus on the Family broadcast: The Husband Project FB

Praying God's Word FB

The Husband Project and Praying God’s Word for Your Husband. Go, share, and win!





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