How to Make Homemade Blue Ice

hwo to make homemade blue iceMy hubby Roger has been having some foot trouble lately. I think it is from an over abundance of Disney walking. So while Roger wants to have happier feet, he is not willing to give up our Disney trip in November. He is launching a full footal assault (sorry, couldn’t help it…) to restore himself to full podiatric health.

One of the recommendations by his doctor was to use blue ice on his foot several times a day. Our doctor gave him the recipe to make blue ice at home:

Homemade Blue Ice

1 part water

1 part rubbing alcohol

a little blue food coloring… just so people know it’s not drinkable water


Mix in an empty bottle or double bagged Ziplocs (be sure you leave a little “squish room” in the baggies.).  It will not freeze solid.  That’s the point of the rubbing alcohol.  It will get crazy cold.  But it won’t burst the bottle.

Warning: Science Stuff… The alcohol lowers the freezing point of the water so it won’t freeze. You can also use 2/3 water to 1/3 alcohol to save money. The mixture will freeze a little bit and expand, so fill the bottle a little less full.

We found out about this just in time for all our summer chilling needs. Great for those long trips in the car while packing a cooler, in a lunch thermal bag,  or keeping drinks cool when you go to the park.square How to make blue ice

You can also wrap the lid of the water bottle with colored duct tape in order to make them “toddler-proof”.

Do you have any great summer ideas? If so, tell me about them in the comments below. If we post one on the blog, you can choose any one of my books to be sent to you!


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