So as some of you may know, I’m not the biggest Duck Dynasty fan.

I watched the first few episodes, and loved the family (especially loved me some Uncle Sy…) but the production of the show drove me crazy: the producers seem to put these very smart family members into some really dumb situations (making wine in a week!?!) It’s just not my Tupperware cup of sweet tea. And that’s OK -some of my best friends LOVE Duck Dynasty.

But I just read an article that is the reason why I’m giving Duck Dynasty another chance. (Like they need me as a viewer…)

In this story Jase, one of the bearded brothersduck-300x162 on the show, is staying at the Trump Tower Hotel in New York. When he asked a staff member to point out where the restroom was, the bushy-bearded cast member was escorted to the front door, directed to the park, and told “Good luck.”

My immediate thought was “Oh wow. I bet Donald Trump is going to have to issue an apology to the entire family in order to avoid a national uproar of Duck Dynasty fans!”

But the family, talking about the employee who escorted Jase from the building calmed the potential fury:

The Robertsons said they were “absolutely not offended” by the incident and said they love staying at Trump Hotel.

“We were laughing — wait until the Donald hears about this,” he said.

And for what it’s worth, they hope the staff member doesn’t get in trouble.

Amazing. For many, many people, (including many Christians, which it’s well know that the Robertsons are,) would have threatened lawsuits, or at the very least demanded a public apology.

But instead, they acted about as Christ-like as any celebrity, Christian or non, I’ve ever heard of.

“I think it was a facial profiling deal,” Jase said.

Humor, and grace. Our churches would be overflowing if we had that kind of response all the time.

Yep – I’ll be tuning in to A&E.



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