Peeing in peace

This is Kathi – MOMS  – this one Yes ladies, you read that title right-of all the issues to bring up on the topic of motherhood, leave it to this mom (yep, me) to chat about the potty of all things. But with three young children at home, if I know anything, it’s this

Finding time to use the restroom *alone* is virtually impossible these days.

Now I’ll be honest-I was semi-prepared for some of the rude awakenings this parenting gig would provide, but I never, and I mean* never* thought that my trips to the restroom would become chaotic at best. These days? It’s all about using the bathroom as quickly as possible-as in a mad rush-before something catches fire or someone has to go to the hospital.

Yep. It’s no secret that our kiddos tend to choose the most inconvenient times to manifest mayhem within our homes. Spilt milk, dirty dogs running amuck, Frisbees getting stuck on the roof, strangers at the door, and minor flesh wounds all tend to take place while we’re.ahem.”busy.” And as a mom, I can’t help but wonder: Should I feel fortunate that my kids want to be around me all of the time? Should I embrace my restroom visitors, even though these moments seem awkward at best (and kinda weird)? While I’m still struggling to figure out the answers to these questions, I do know one thing for sure: we may never pee in peace again.

Or can we?

I think it might be time to take some action.

WonderWomanWannabe Cover jpeg_final front-1

Are you with me, ladies?

After all, when nature calls, we had better listen because holding the contents of our bladder for long periods of time just isn’t healthy, not to mention, uncomfortable, Amen? But with a house full of youngsters, heading to the restroom can be a hard feat to that, believe it or not, may take some planning on your part to achieve. Oh my gosh, wait! Am I suggesting that we start planning our trips to the restroom?

Indeed I am.

Hey, our kids are going to need some sort of distraction in order for us moms to leave their sides and tend to our needs, correct? So, here are just a few things we can do ahead of time to ensure we get the peace we desire and the relief we need:

1.     *Games and Puzzles:* Kids love games and their quite fond of putting together puzzles too. Take out Monopoly, or better yet, bust out that 500 piece puzzle with all their favorite Disney characters on it. Talk about buying you some time. Woot!

2.     *Snack Time*: Scheduling a bathroom break around lunch or snack time is ingenious if you ask me. Fix them their food, unwrap all juice box straws, delve out some napkins, and then head off to the bathroom. Hey, five minutes of peace is five minutes of peace, right?

3.     *Scavenger Hunt*: Head to your computer and grab this indoor scavenger hunt printable (found here). Have a small prize ready to go (or pull out a few dollars from your wallet), and let your kids get to exploring all within the confines of your own home. Talk about the perfect time for a potty break? Boom!

4.     *Masterpiece Mania*: My kids love to color, use their imaginations, and create art as often as they can. Bust out the contents of that closet (housing their art supplies) and let them create away. Have older kids? How about a still life? Grab a piece of fruit, or other inanimate object and let them reproduce it. Little Picasso’s in training, eh?

So what do you think? Not so bad, right? Completely doable with minimal effort on our part, eh? Girls, it looks like we may have just reclaimed some of our dignity, discretion, and a wee bit of alone time to tend to “business.” And that’s most definitely a good thing!

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