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One of the big reasons I started this blog, (or write books, or speak at events,) is because we all struggle, and I find in sharing our struggle, and working beyond it, we grow in strength. The best sentence a friend can say to another friend is “Me too!” When I share my struggles with you, and you share them right back, it’s easy to feel a little less crazy than we did going into the day – and I find that very valuable indeed.

In addition to sharing our struggles, I want to share hope. I’d always wanted to be one of those “Big Idea” people: “Hey, let’s all get together and raise money for wells in Africa!” “Here’s how to start a women’s ministry in your church!” simply “Hey, you can do great big things in your life!”

I look at other writers and speakers and see how they are changing the world – or at least their corner of it. And I so want to be like them. But I realize I have a different role.

It came to me one night when I was speaking at an event. I was presenting a “Big Idea” and got the group really motivated. I was all excited. “Big Idea” Things were going to happen!

And then a woman came up to me looking a little crestfallen. We started to chat, and she let me know that while she loved the whole “Big Idea” it was frustrating to her. She expected something else from me. Her exact words? “Kathi, it’s hard to change the world when you can’t find your car keys on a regular basis.”

And that’s when it hit me: I’m the car key lady.

God sees fit that my role is to help all of you (and you all help me sometimes,) find our car keys on a regular basis, so that we can go do “Big Idea” Things. But our “Big Idea” things often come in some pretty plain packaging.

It’s a sneaky plan – discovering God in the midst of organizing and meal planning. But that’s where God lives – in the midst of everyday real life. God is in the “Big Ideas” but he is also in the small, intentional acts that to the world look like homemaking, working and raising a family:

  • When I talk about cleaning out your purse, what I’m really talking about is getting your life organized so you have time to volunteer for your daughter’s class and make an impact on her and her little friends.
  • When I talk about freezer meals, what I’m really talking about is creating a family time where you can have a house that is enveloped in peace.
  • When I talk about flirting with your husband, what I’m really talking about is showing the world how two broken people can be madly in love with each other when Christ is in the midst of it.
  • When I talk about saving money at the grocery store, what I’m really talking about is having extra money in the bank so when your heart is moved to adopt a child through Compassion, you have a way to do it.

To me – you are each super heroes with a secret identity: To the average bystander you look like moms and wives, employees and students, friends and volunteers. But I know your secret identity: you are world changers. You are the ones who are changing your family’s life and everyone they come in contact with. With your “everyday” actions you are quietly, almost undetected in many circumstances, doing huge and brave work.

What I’m really talking about on this blog, in the midst of the money-saving-house-organizing-man-loving post is one word: Peace. With every tiny little improvement you make, you are bringing peace to a world that desperately needs it. Your cape may not be ironed, and no reporter is following you around reporting on your great deeds. But I see you. I know the truth.

And I love you. Rock on secret super hero.

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