How to Never be Criticized for the Rest of Your Life

Friday, I was standing in line waiting to have my license examined to see if I was legal to fly in to Dallas.

As the TSA agent was inspecting someone’s ID in front of me, a uniformed man walked up to the front of the line. He was obviously an employee of the airport and was able to skip the line to get to his job, but apparently, he was doing it the wrong way.

“Don’t stand over there! Stand up over here!” the TSA agent barked at the worker.

He asked a question (it was obvious that English was new to him,) and the TSA agent continued to bark at him, and then to belittle him. “Why can’t you just follow directions? It’s not that hard.” And she continued to berate him to the passengers who were standing in front of her.

Obviously, I don’t know either of the people in this situation, but it was apparent that this older gentleman was new to this job, and probably our county. and because he didn’t know the system, he was getting criticized. This man, who left his homeland, I’m guessing in pursuit of a better life for him and possibly his family. He is having to learn new customs, learn a new language, and relearn everything he thought he knew because everything in his life is new.

And this woman had no time for it.

The only way this man (and you) will stopped being criticized is if he, and you stop showing up.

The next time you’re being criticized, ask yourself –

Am I doing something new? People who are comfortable in never changing their lives are the first to criticize those who do.

Am I being brave? It takes courage to say “This is new to me – I don’t know everything, but I’m marching forward!

Right now, I’m stepping into a new world, podcasting. I don’t know a lot about it, and it’s easy for me to be embarrassed “I should know how to do this! I wish I was better at this!” But really, I can only be as good as I am today, and maybe tomorrow, by trying something new, I can be a little better. But I’m going to be a whole lotta bad before I can do anything well.

Are y0u in the midst of something new? Tell me about it. I want to cheer you on in being brave!

And if you’re being criticized, look at the source. As Brene Brown says, “I only listen to those who are in the ring.” Listen to other brave people who are doing their own brave things, not those who are sitting comfortably in the spectator section.


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