Whenever someone starts to discuss the 2014 Things Challenge people have one of two reactions:

  1. “2014 Things? I desperately need to do this!!!”
  2. “2014 Things? I could never come up with 2014 things!!!”

I’ve been so amazed at the post to my Facebook Page of the number of Things you all are racking up!

A few of you have already racked up over 1000 things, and one brave warrior, my agent Rachelle Gardner HAS ALREADY COMPLETED THE 2014 THINGS!!!!

Here is what she said:

“Kathi, just FYI… we completed the 2014 Things challenge. Yep, in one day! And believe it or not, I haven’t even made a dent in my books. The challenge continues… perhaps we’ll make it into the 20,014 Things challenge???

And by the way, we live in a smallish house, maybe 1900 sq ft, so I know we don’t have as much clutter as many people! Once you get in the right mindset, getting rid of stuff is ridiculously easy and fun75 Places and Spaces to Organize.”

I don’t want these success stories to make you feel behind. Instead, I want them to inspire you to know that it’s doable!!!

And to help you out, my team has come up with this great download: 75 Places and Spaces to Find 2014 Things

Tell me in the comments what space and place your plan on attacking next,(Roger and I have romantic plans to clean out the garage weekend after next. Pray for us,) and you’ll be entered to win a copy of The Get Yourself Organized Project

Happy Tossing!!!



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