2014ThingsChallengeIt was another “Get Rid of It” week at the Lipp’s house. You can see our list below.

One of the challenges I was coming up with during the 2014 Things was keeping track of all the things I came across that I knew I didn’t need anymore. I needed a dedicated place to put those things (that also had easy access,) until I could count them and donate.

Finally, I cleaned out a small portion of our closet in the office and put a box in there lined with a large garbage bag. Every time I find something that I no longer need or want, it goes to the closet. Once the bag is full, I count the “things” and then put the bag in my car to donate.
If your “Donation Station” is out in the garage, or down in the basement, you are less likely to go and put those things away, keeping the clutter inside.

Put your “Donation Station” somewhere that you will see it everyday. Let it be a constant reminder to you and your family that you are getting rid of 2014 Things. (And then feel free to hide it when company comes over.)

SO that’s what you do with the things you are going to donate, but what if you’re selling some of your items to take that trip to Disneyland this summer? Or to help pay for home school supplies.

Here is the question posted by Deb Dyer: “Getting a slow start, but looking forward to the challenge. Really enjoyed your message today. Will take some items to Salvation Army. Would like to hear of places to sell some items. Not into eBay though. Do you have any other ideas? Really appreciate it.”

So tell me in the comments below how you are planning on earning some cash from your stash and you could win this week’s book: 2014-01-14 18.40.14

Last week’s winner was JULIE DONAHUE!!!

And here is a list of what the Lipps dashed from the house:

10 Pairs2014-01-01 13.40.11 of Pants

2 Coats

4 Shirts

2 Dog Collars

1 Box of Cat Pan Liners

I Box of Plug In’s

1 Umbrella

1 Doggy bag holder

1 Dog Seatbelt

I Deck of Cards

1 Leash

1 Pair of Dog Toe Nail Clippers

1 Cat Brush

1 Food Bowl

1 Keurig Coffee Cup holder (I had 2 – now I have zero)

1 Hole Punch

1 Link Brush

6 Hangers

1 Craftsman tool caddy *

1 Bottle of Japanese soda *

1 Casserole Dish *

For a total of 40 THINGS this week.

* These were items that my kids left at the house after Christmas – they are gone now so they count!!!

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