So you’ve decided to do it. You are going to get rid of 2014 Things in 2014. Or maybe you’re feeling super desperate, and in addition to the 2014 Things, you are also getting rid of one thing for every thing you bring in.

I’ll be honest – I was shocked at the response to this challenge. I’m thrilled that so many of you are making living with less a priority in 2014. Welcome to the madness that is living lighter.

After posting the challenge the number one question I got was “How do I keep track?”

Well our team has been busy pulling together some forms for you to use to help you stay on track for the next twelve months.  But if none of these forms are to your liking, feel free to use a notepad, the back of an envelope, any way that will make it easier for you.

2014 Things – For those of you taking on the big challenge of getting rid of 2014 Things in 2014, this is the tracker for you! You can either print it out, (PDF) or keep track on your computer (EXCEL). Either way, you’re a superstar because you’re getting rid of the things that are dragging you down. (If you are printing this out, consider doing it double sided as it’s 41 pages!)

2014 tracker

In and Out – Maybe you just want to make sure you don’t accumulate more than you started with. Or you need to go hard core and not only get rid of 2014 Things, but make sure you don’t shop your way back to the same place at the start of 2015. Here is the In and Out Sheet – for everything you bring in, something else must go out. If you are doing both challenges, that’s called being All In. (Only do the All In option if your clutter makes you cry on a regular basis or you fantasize about leaving your house and starting over.)


The Super Geek – Created by my husband Roger – this is for the analytic in you. If you get a thrill with charts and graphs, this is the plan for you.


All of these can be downloaded on the 2014 Things Challenge Home Page.

We can do this!!!

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