Is it really possible to feed a family of six and have fun, all for fifteen dollars? I dare you to find out!

We found many benefits  of trying to pack as much fun in with the least amount of money:

* Not only did Family Fun Night give us an opportunity to spend time together, it forced out kids to plan, budget, and take other people’s likes and dislikes into consideration.

*We found that when giving the kids the chance to plan and prepare, it helped them to enjoy the event a whole lot better.

* Having a limited budget has a special magical quality. There was no resorting to dinner out followed by a favorite movie at the theater.  We found that we had to be creative.

And here are a few of those creative ideas:

Dollar Date Night – Have Costco hot dogs and then head to your town’s local dollar theater.

Karaoke Night – Borrow a karaoke machine or use your Wii, and make it an American Idol style night (but with only adoring fans – No Simon Cowell slams). Pair it with a Sushi dinner. For those less adventurous, their sushi can be made from cooked chicken, ham, or cheese on top of rice.

Airplane Food – Have a paper airplane competition. Set up a finish line and see whose plane gets the farthest. For dinner, have little packages of food ( cheese and crackers, carrots and ranch dressing as “airplane food.”

I know there are creative ladies (and men) out there.  What is a cheap, but creative thing you do to spend time with your kids?




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