God gave the right parent to the right kid.

There are days when this statement couldn’t feel further from the truth. You feel ill- equipped to meet your child’s physical , emotional, and spiritual needs.  Because , for the most part, you are. God wants you to rely on him and the people he’s surrounded you with.

You are not designed to do this parenting thing alone, even if you are a single parent. {click to tweet}

There are no gold starts for parents who never ask for help.

God gave the right kid to the right parent.

All those things that God needs to grow in you to draw you closer to Him? He sent those in a neat little package called “your child”.  Each of my kids has taught me something about myself—often things I would choose to ignore if given the opportunity.  I would have never thought that I had a patience problem, for example, until I had a patience tester named Kimberly.  But there is no chance to ignore such things when they need to be bathed, fed, and loved pretty regularly.  I had to confront the parts of me that needed desperately, to be more like Jesus—and often, I needed to confront my problems with a lack of patience before Kimber woke up from here twelve-minute nap.

Prayer is key.

For years, when a “kid issue” reared it’s ugly head, I would go to my mom, I would go to my friends, and I would go to my wall of “how to raise a great kid” books to find the answer.  I needed answers, and I needed them quick! But as my friend Erin would say, “Go to God before Google!” When I did that, I was able to let Him direct me and be the parent I was created to be and I could connect with my kids in creative ways.

I will be sharing some of my favorite ways this month.

What is one unique way that you connect to your child?

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