How to go from Ordinary Mom to a Legacy Maker


Ahem…. Well, it happened. My 10-month-old granddaughter kicked my butt.

Yep, this new grandma found herself struggling with a diaper that resembled the aftermath of an atomic blast. Residue, aka baby poo, squirted forth in all directions as squiggling arms and legs that appeared to be practicing infant calisthenics, landed in said residue. I quickly understood that now the small child needed a bath, a new pile of laundry emerged and I spied something that didn’t belong under my fingernails. Eeek! Finishing the cleanup I realized that the baby AND grandma needed a bottle and a nap.

My son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter, Elise, moved into our home this past week. They are relocating from another state. I thought handling a baby would be a piece of cake after all; I already raised two kids to adulthood. I couldn’t have forgotten that much, or did I?

Well thankfully the baby mama arrived upon said disaster and gave me some gentle teaching with empathy and grace. And a week later, I’m equipped to withstand any diaper that may come my way. *grin*

Even as a grandmother I can learn a lot from a young mom. And younger moms can likely learn a lot from an out of practice Grandma.

I’m convinced that the body of Christ is moving into a new awareness of God’s Presence. And in this next move of God we will see a joining of the generations like never before. The young, old, and in-between will rise to bring God’s purposes and His Kingdom to earth (Matthew 6:9-13).

This is a season in the body where we will learn and place great value the voices of young and old. And just like I had to relearn to diaper a baby there are some timeless experiences I can pass to my daughter-in-law.

As I look back on a lifetime of raising children, if I could tell every mother just one thing I it would be this:

It’s worth it!

It’s worth the years and tears you pour into your little ones. On days when there is poop in the tub, the dog barfed on the carpet, the laundry towers in the hall and little ones cry at your feet. And when no one sees all you sacrifice for your family and a greatly needed pat on the back does not come, it’s still worth it.

Every bit of effort of love, correction, instruction, laughter, fun, and the time you pour into little lives, it is worth it. It is building the character and love into another human being. And your children will step into adulthood fully equipped with faith, love, purpose, and passion.

Mom, You are a legacy maker.

One more thing I would share with every mother is to remember when you begin to question yourself and your parenting ability, I want you to be assured that God is standing by your side, day after day. He is whispering hope into your soul. Life into your tired eyes. Joy into the mundane and love into your heart. Let His voice assure, “You are more than enough.”

When writing my parenting book I came to a place one day where I was stuck. During this frustrating writer’s block, I ask God, “God, what do you want to tell every mother.” Well God was just waiting for me to ask. And immediately a string of words began to go through my head. It’s His personal letter to every mother. Below is a link to download this letter. I pray you will print it out and read in moments of doubt, fatigue, and fear. I’m encouraged to tears of joy each time I read it. I pray you will be too.

God is standing right next to you Mom. He is walking you through to your highest and holy calling, Motherhood.

Beloved Mother

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profile for TypepadLynn Donovan is a speaker, author, and an ordinary woman who shares with audiences her everyday adventures of walking in the Presence of God. Her delight is igniting women’s hearts with Holy Spirit fire, inspiring wives and mothers to step fully into their high and holy calling of marriage and motherhood with joy, laughter and God’s favor. She has been featured guest on the 700 Club Interactive, Focus on the Family, Dr. James Dobson’s FamilyTalk and FamilyLife Today. She coauthored the award winning book, Winning Him Without Words and also Not Alone, Trusting God to Help You Raise Godly Kids In a Spiritually Mismatched Marriage. She has a son and a daughter and a granddaughter. She lives with her husband in Temecula, California. Visit Lynn online at

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