After two book deadlines and a death in our family, I’ve gotten behind on the 2014 Things Challenge (haven’t we all!?!) Well if you need a little inspiration, check out this post from Kori over at

kori It’s never too late! You can do this. Even if you just got rid of 10 items a day, you could start today and not be behind.

If you’re feeling behind, here are a couple of places to get some numbers quickly:

  • Go through your magazine rack and pitch any issue that is over three months old
  • Go through your gadget drawer in your kitchen
  • Now that the weather is warm, (at least in most parts of the country. Sorry silly Colorado…) donate any clothes you didn’t wear all winter, as well as any summer clothes that you’re pulling out that just don’t work for you anymore.
  • Do the same with your kid’s clothes
  • Look at the paperwork on your desk. Every decision is a thing and it counts

You can do this friends. I promise.

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