In part two of my interview with my co-author Cheri Gregory, we talk about how the last two of the bullies from our book The Cure for the Perfect Life 12 Ways to Stop Trying Harder and Start Living Brave, Performancism and People Pleasing, follow us around and beat us up daily, and what you can do about it.

Do you:

  • Change your mood to match the mood of those around you so you don’t upset them with your happiness/excitement/bad day/ etc?
  • Do more so you can seem like more to those around you?
  • Have a long to do list out of fear of not being what you want others to perceive you to be?

If you can relate, you may be being bullied by people-pleasing or performancism or both! It’s time to live braver and stop trying harder.



Let’s just call these Bravery on a sticky note! Download, print and use these adorable sticky notes to spur you on against the “P” bullies in your life.

TIP: To get “sticky” notes, 1) print the page, 2) place blank sticky notes (the full adhesive with the one non-stick edge work the best for printing on top of the printout), 3) and reprint on TOP of the new page, 4) peel and stick.

Click to Download.

Meet Our Guest

Cheri Gregory

Cheri Gregory

Cheri Gregory is a Certified Personality Trainer; contributor to multiple books, including Wired That Way and 21 Ways to Connect With Your Kids; and frequent speaker for MOPS groups, women’s retreats, parent workshops, and educational conferences. She’s been married to her college sweetheart, Daniel, for twenty-five years and they have two young adult children, Annemarie and Jonathon.

She blogs about expectations, “baditude”, and hope at

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