What is born from the restless moments in your life?

Jennie Allen, the author of Restless and Anything and the founder of IF Gathering, believes that God burdens our souls with the people who he wants us to reach. Listen in as she gives you simple tools and ideas to:

• Be faithful where God puts you, regardless of how big, how small or how chaotic your dream is.
• Move in obedience when God gives you a burden in your heart.
• How to help raise up a generation of people that love Jesus with our entire hearts so that we can be unleashed to move in big ways for His kingdom.

Listen as Jennie Allen shares her heart behind the IF Gathering and get some ideas on how you can become part of it. Plus, head to IF: Table to sign up to host your IF: Table.

What is IF: Table? A place to gather women and share a simple meal and dive deep with people over real stories and Christ centered conversations. A time for a whole lot of laughter — and maybe a few tears — but time spent that leaves us with glad hearts. Full hearts. Grateful hearts.




Each month, at each IF: Table, a series of questions is asked of the women attending. There purpose is to take each person deeper into understanding who she is and who God is in her life. Download this month’s questions and bring them to your next friend gathering to see how they work.

Click here to download.


Meet Our Guest

Jennie Allen

Jennie Allen

JENNIE’S PASSION IS TO INSPIRE A NEW GENERATION OF WOMEN TO ENCOUNTER THE INVISIBLE GOD. She loves to gather deep kindred souls around food she didn’t cook, and ask terribly intrusive questions.

She is a catalytic leader, risk taker type and then in God’s humor, she married a crazier more risky leader than her (Zac). Then somehow God thought it would be even more funny to give them 4 crazy strong risky dreamer kids.

She loves and believes in this generation of women. She gives her life to see women spend their time here beautifully. She does that through writing, teaching, and leading the little dream in her soul, IF:Gathering.

Her goal: to gather and equip and unleash a generation of women. It will take awhile, but she thinks it’s a fun way to spend a life, running beside the dearest of friends for the name of Christ and the good of others.

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