WHAT TYPE OF BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPER ARE YOU?  The one that’s standing at the store door chanting “open… open… open” at 4 am… or the kind that stays home and drinks coffee while the rest of the crazy people are, well, being crazy.


Whatever type of shopper you are, we have the tools and tips you need to rock your shopping list this Black Friday.  Shellie Deringer from www.savingwithshellie.com gives you loads of expert advice on everything from finding the best deals to sticking to your budget.

Find out:

  • How to do your holiday shopping on a realistic budget.
  • Where to get the best deals for your family?
  • What are the best deals for this Black Friday for everyone on your list?
  • How do you know if something is a really good deal?
  • And much more…

Listen in, and then click here to find Saving with Shellie’s best shopping deals for Black Friday to get your shopping done fast and within your budget.

There’s lots of deals to be found on Saving with Shellie!










Meet Our Guest

Shellie Deringer

Shellie Deringer

Shellie Deringer founded SavingWithShellie.com in January 2009 as a resource for moms struggling to reconcile their pre-baby lifestyle with post-baby budget busters. Shellie works to show moms that by shopping diligently and purposefully, they can afford the quality brands they love without exceeding their budget. Saving money isn’t about sacrificing quality for price or sacrificing precious time to save a few pennies. You can be a brand loyalist without breaking the bank.

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