Do you feel your shoulders getting more and more tense as the days to Christmas tick down? Ready for a less stressful Christmas?


Kimberlee Stokes, the author of Stress Free Holidays, walks you through her totally doable tips (hint: She got rid of her Christmas tree and makes popcorn for gifts!) to make this holiday season simple and joyful. Listen in as Kimberlee shares her ideas on how to:

  • Make gifts without feeling stressed about crafting
  • Save money for Christmas without sacrificing the things that matter.
  • Choose which events truly matter (and which will only leave you feeling overwhelmed.
  • Get rid of the clutter in your home and life to keep your stress levels down.

Listen in and get ideas to keep your holiday low-stress, plus get a free download of Kimberlee’s Candy Cane Bath Salts recipe.


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Meet Our Guest

Kimberlee Stokes

Kimberlee Stokes

Kimberlee Stokes is the happily married mom of four teens and the owner and editor of the popular website where she gives women encouragement, inspiration and practical tools to save money, get organized and enjoy life.

In her latest e-book Stress Free Holidays Kimberlee shares real ways to simplify, save money and stay sane this holiday season including a free holiday planner.

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