Have I got some Red Gift ideas for you? Make Christmas fun for your man by buying him a few of these items!

1.       Lingerie (for him to open, but you to wear)

2.       A box of Red Hots with your husband’s picture on it.

3.       Matching boxers

4.       Warming lotion (use a coffee warmer to keep it warm)

5.       PJs (You wear the top, he wears the bottoms)

6.       A card with 10 reasons why you are grateful for everything he does

7.       21 Post it notes around your room of reasons you love him

8.       Mistletoe on the headboard of your bed

9.       A box of chocolates (with instructions for the two of you to share them in bed.)

Don’t forget to listen to this week’s podcast – Naughty…and nice holiday gifts for your man — RED GIFTS!

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