Guest-Post-CFOur post today contains Mary Lou Caskey’s testimonial about Clutter Free.

“Kathi, thank you so much for your book, Clutter Free: Quick and Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Space.

You shine in so many areas, including encouraging others with God’s Grace, making changes from the inside-out and making things FUN!

I appreciate how the book is written from someone who understands the struggle! The book is filled with GOLDEN NUGGETS that honestly relate to so many areas of life, not just clutter!

Your teaching and tips resonate with me and have made a difference in my life. For example, in just one 15 minute project alone, I received peace, clarity, freedom, hope and so much more.

I had stacks of “ideas” that were costing me time and mental energy to go through each time I needed to find an idea! You will see from the photos that I now have a “clean slate” to work with. Thank you!”

Here is Mary Lou’s before picture of her desk:

Mary Lou 1

Here is picture of Mary Lou’s desk after she spent a little bit of time decluttering:

Mary Lou 2

If you want to read more about Mary Lou’s experience with Clutter Free, visit her blog!

Mary Lou Caskey trains Christian coaches and communicators to influence hearts through the power of story. If you want to become a transformative story-teller, click here to connect with Mary Lou and get her free quiz, “Is It the Best Time to Share a Personal Story?”


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