Several years ago, my daughter Kimber was the lighting director for A Christmas Carol. Besides getting to gaze at the beautiful lighting that my little girl did, I was reminded of the three ghosts: Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come. (As a child, I couldn’t understand why Christmas Present wasn’t giving away gifts like Santa Claus. It was implied in the name.)

If there was one thing that you, Christmas Present, could tell future you, Christmas Yet to Come, what would it be? “Remember the killer Rachel Ray roast chicken recipe you tried this year – it was the bomb!” or, “”Don’t forget you bought your Christmas cards at the 50% off sale this year – don’t go and buy more next November!” Well, that is precisely what your Holiday Binder is for.

Put all your favorite recipes, ideas, secret hiding places and gift ideas for next year in a handy binder. Trust me, Christmas Yet to Come will thank you when she doesn’t have to hunt down the artichoke dip recipe.

Then? Make sure to put the binder somewhere that you’ll find it next year.

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