Dinner hour. 

Two tiny words that can make your heart start to pound, your stomach clench and your hand reach for the phone to order pizza.  Again.

Nothing (okay, almost nothing) is more stressful than planning, cooking and executing dinner.  Kathi and Erin share their best “been there, done that” tips for making dinnertime quick, fast and healthy.  Listen in and hear how you can:

–          Declutter your pantry and kitchen so cooking gets less stressful

–          Declutter the chaos of dinner time to make it peaceful and fun.

–          Declutter your meal planning to make grocery shopping and cooking simple.

–          Declutter your leftovers so you can use them to make two or even three dinners.

–          Declutter your dinner time so you can eat joyfully instead of stressfully.

Kathi and Erin mention some of their favorite recipes. You can download them here. Declutter Meal Time Recipes
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All the recipes Kathi and Erin talked about in one easy download. Click here to download.

Meet Our Guest

Erin MacPherson

Erin MacPherson

Erin MacPherson lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Cameron, her sons Joey and Will and her daughter Kate.  She is the author of “The Christian Mama’s Guide Series“, a staff writer for Dun & Bradstreet and a freelancer for publications like Thriving Family Magazine, MOPS MomSense, FamilyLife Magazine, Daily Guideposts and BEMag.  She blogs about her life, her kids and her faith at ChristianMamasGuide.com.

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